Honma Launches New Golf Ball Range

Japanese brand HONMA has enhanced its range of golf clubs, including a new premium 4-piece urethane ball – named the X4 – which is the softest core produced by the manufacturer, joining the improved 3-piece TW-X, TW-X, a new TW-S ball, and 2-piece A1 ball.

“The new range of HONMA golf balls offers something for every golfer – from those with lower swing speeds wanting more distance and consistency off the tee, to others with high swing speeds who prefer greater feel and spin closer to the greens,” said Tony Scott, Head of Marketing at HONMA Golf Europe. “There is also a wide variation in competitive price points to suit the pocket of golfers as well as their game,” he added.



The X4 ball has been developed to combat the issue of distance loss off the tee, without sacrificing short game spin. An Ultra-Soft Core delivers high compression off the club face, while a High-Performance Polymer (HPP) inner mantle and High Flex layer provide increased repulsion with the driver for longer distance. The soft urethane covers aids performance with a softer feel around the greens, while the 326-dimple design also produces consistency into the wind.

Aimed at golfers with swing speeds of around 85 mph who prefer a softer feel, the new TW-S ball offers higher spin and a lower launch than the popular TW-X ball, making it suitable for playing in windy conditions. Its S-fast core results in faster ball speeds off the club face. The new version of the TW-X is designed for golfers with swing speeds over 90 mph who want a firmer feel and longer distance.

The new 2-piece A1 ball offers something different for golfers who fight a slice and would like to hit it straighter. Around 20% softer than the D1 ball, the lighter core and cover helps to reduce side spin and achieve more consistent shots.

The latest balls in the HONMA golf ball range are available at the following RRPs: X4 – £44.95/€49.95 per dozen; TW-X TW-S – £26.00/€29.95 per dozen; A1 – £15.95/€18.95 per dozen.

More information about HONMA Golf equipment can be found at www.honmagolf.com


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