Srixon roll out new Soft Feel golf balls

Srixon has launched its new generation Soft Feel and Soft Feel Lady golf balls.

The all-new SOFT FEEL features Srixon’s softest FastLayer Core. Yet this softer core is more resilient, snapping back into shape more quickly after impact for added ball speed, while dramatically reducing long game sidespin for increased accuracy.

SOFT FEEL’s low compression design and soft, thin cover provides all-around performance with distance off the tee and increased greenside spin that all players crave. With the 338 Speed Dimple Pattern, the new SOFT FEEL cuts through the wind for longer, straighter shots from tee to green.


“This is our 12th generation SOFT FEEL golf ball, putting us at the forefront of the low-compression distance ball category,” said Lionel Caron, Srixon Sports Europe’s Chief Sales & Marketing Officer. “With this new model, we’re excited to give golfers our longest SOFT FEEL to date, in a ball that maintains the signature feel golfers expect from a SOFT FEEL.”

Key Tech

  • FastLayer Core

With a soft centre that gradually transitions to a firm outer edge, the FastLayer Core gives Soft Feel incredible feel and great distance off the tee.

  • 338 Speed Dimple Pattern

Speed Dimples reduce drag at launch and increase lift during descent to deliver better overall distance, especially in windy conditions.

  • Soft, Thin Cover

Provides that pure, soft feel that defines SOFT FEEL, while adding enhanced greenside spin on those tough pitches and chips.

The Srixon SOFT FEEL LADY, offered in Soft White and Passion Pink and SOFT FEEL, offered in Soft White and Tour Yellow, will be out in October/November 2020 at an SRP of £25.00 (€25.00).

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